Wheel Alignment Service

Best Wheel Alignment service in Springfield ,VA

Wheels out of alignment can cause difficulty with overall vehicle handling. A four-wheel alignment is often the best choice for many drivers, particularly those who have front-wheel drive. Wheels can become misaligned during a car crash or by simply hitting road obstructions, like potholes or curbs. There are several signs that will alert you to an impending four-wheel alignment service. A vehicle pulling strongly to one side is in need of alignment. Another sign is uneven or abnormal tire wear. Properly aligned wheels provide many benefits, including cutting down on fuel costs, because wheels that have been aligned properly offer considerably less rolling resistance. Routine wheel alignments also prevent disproportionate tire wear, so your tires will last longer. Contact us today for a four-wheel alignment.

At Kings Park Exxon, we use an alignment machine to check your vehicle’s current alignment and as necessary, makes adjustments to return your vehicle to the correct alignment specifications.

These wheel angle measurements show whether your wheels are within the alignment settings specified by your vehicle manufacturer. Kings Park Exxon technicians provide you with a written evaluation of the results and recommend service based on your manufacturer's specifications.

We proudly service the Four-Wheel Alignment needs of customers in Springfield VA and surrounding areas. For expert auto repair in Springfield, VA. Trust the experts at Kings Park Exxon. We have built a solid reputation for excellent customer service and trusted repairs at affordable rates, even offering special offers online for additional savings. For a free quote on suspension repair or any other auto maintenance needs, they can be reached at (703) 425-6767.